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Ouch! 6 Ways to Handle Dental Pain Until You See an Emergency Dentist

August 7, 2019

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One moment, everything is going fine; the next, you feel an excruciating toothache. You’ve called your emergency dentist in Midland and arranged for an appointment later on the same day, but you have to wait a few hours for relief. How are you supposed to deal with the situation—and especially the pain—in the meantime? Whether you have a tooth injury or a severe toothache, you don’t have to simply suffer in agony until your visit. Keep reading to learn ways that you can manage your dental pain until you get the help and care you need.


Your tooth pain could be caused by pieces of food stuck between your teeth. Gently floss around the affected tooth to clear this debris away. If you do find something there, see if the pain subsides after some time. Removing trapped food can ease some of the pain, but you may still want to see the dentist to make sure that there isn’t a more serious problem.

Rinse Your Mouth

It’s important to keep the tooth as clean as possible, but you don’t have to use intense antibacterial mouthwashes to do it. Simply rinse your mouth with warm water to help wash away harmful bacteria. This may also ease some of your discomfort. You can also rinse with warm salt water to clean the area even more.

Avoid Hot, Cold, Sugary, and Acidic Foods and Drinks

The last thing your sensitive tooth needs is exposure to things that will trigger even more pain. Until you see your dentist, steer clear of that hot cup of coffee or that that cold ice cream. Food and drinks that are sugary or acidic can also cause a painful reaction, so avoid those as well.

Apply a Cold Compress

Whether your pain is a result of trauma or decay, your facial tissues can become inflamed. That’s when a cold compress comes in handy. Not only can it reduce the swelling, but the cooler temperature can have a soothing effect and alleviate some of your pain.

Take Ibuprofen

If you’re in pain, feel free to take over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen (e.g., Advil or Motrin) or acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol). These medications can effectively take the edge off the pain and make life tolerable until you see the dentist. Make sure you take them as directed.

Avoid Placing Aspirin on Your Tooth

Ignore the old myth that this can relieve your tooth pain. Putting aspirin directly on your tooth can actually cause more damage and a burning sensation, so be sure to swallow the pill as directed.

Remember that all of these suggestions are only temporary solutions for managing tooth pain. You still need to visit your dentist as soon as possible to properly diagnose and treat the problem. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to better handle the problem until your appointment brings permanent relief.

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Boyles General Dentistry & Implant Center is proud to have three talented, experienced dentists on staff to help patients in need. They are dedicated to assisting families in Midland and the surrounding areas, and they do their best to see emergency patients as soon as possible. If you experience a dental emergency, call (432) 685-7011 or click here to get an appointment.

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