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4 Reasons for Children’s Tooth Extractions

August 10, 2022

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young patient who has reasons for children’s tooth extractions

In general, it’s best to hold onto natural teeth as long as possible. Even in the case of children’s baby teeth, dentists will largely recommend preserving them until they come out naturally. However, there are situations where these primary or other teeth may need to be extracted early. What are these reasons for children’s tooth extractions? Keep reading to find out!

Deep Decay

Unfortunately, while your child is learning how to take care of their teeth, they may experience some cavities. Most of the time, these troubled teeth can be treated with a filling or a root canal and dental crown. However, if the decay extends deep into the tooth to the point where root canal therapy would not be enough, the tooth may need to be extracted altogether.

In the case of a mostly decayed baby tooth, the cavity could spread to the underlying permanent tooth, causing serious problems in the future. As a result, it may be safer for your child’s smile in the long term to remove the baby tooth prematurely.

Damaged Tooth Beyond Repair

Like badly decayed teeth, those that have been damaged or cracked to a certain point may need to be extracted. For example, if your child bites down on a hard candy and cracks a tooth below the gumline, even a dental crown may not be able to hold it together.

The best course of action in this scenario would be to take the tooth out before more damage is done.

Preparing for Braces

In order to realign teeth, the jaw must have sufficient room to shift them around. If your child has a stubborn baby tooth, an overcrowded mouth, or another issue that restricts space, tooth extraction may be recommended. Not only do these problems complicate the alignment of your child’s teeth, but they can also impact how their jaw develops.

By removing the tooth, your dentist can provide enough room to make alignment changes and allow their jaw to form in a healthy way.

Wisdom Teeth

For older children, teenagers, the third molars start to develop. The wisdom teeth, as they are commonly called, were designed to replace any molars lost to decay or damage, but most people actually don’t need wisdom teeth at all. In fact, when impacted, these molars can push on other teeth, causing significant pain or causing the teeth to shift out of alignment.

Wisdom tooth extraction may come later in your loved one’s childhood, but it’s yet another situation where it becomes necessary for a younger patient to undergo extraction.

In the end, if your little one needs to experience tooth removal, be sure that your dentist is taking the proper steps to keep their smile healthy for the long term. When extracting a primary or baby tooth, for example, this means putting in a space maintainer to allow the permanent teeth to erupt better aligned. Regardless of the reason, you can work with your dentist to create a treatment plan that has the best results possible for your child.

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